Who is it?

name: syneco ASBL - paedes - S1 mantra/baseline: osez, innovez, coopérez - co-entreprendre à Sambreville - get beezy together - pack: Full buffet

Lifting of the syneco logo (a consulting agency in social economy) and creation of 2 other logos for paedes (For Animation and Employment in the Social Economy) and S1 (“Essaim”, ”Swarm”).

The logos have been conceived to function independently and together. The upward-pointing hexagon shapes were chosen to refer to bees, group work,…

The job

  • mantra/baseline research
  • logos
  • visual identity
  • graphical charter
  • business cards
  • multiple layouts
  • mail signature
  • papier à en-tête
  • enveloppe
  • mise en page pour la lettre d’information: “ASBL actualité”
  • visuels pour les réseaux sociaux

On the web

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