Wanna Play

Who is it?

name: Wanna Play mantra/baseline: connecte les joueurs pack: Full buffet +

The goal: That everyone can easily find or organize a game night whenever and wherever they want! Wanna Play wants to facilitate the organization of events through a web platform (for board games lovers). The goal is to allow all players to find or host a table of board games near their home when it suits them. In short: be the “Airbnb” for board games sessions ;-p

The job

  • name research
  • mantra/baseline research
  • logo
  • visual identity
  • graphical charter
  • business card


  • custom advertising cards
  • flyers
  • mailChimp templates
  • illustrations
  • photo shooting and editing
  • gifs
  • multiple layouts
  • design material for social networks
  • commercial website
  • web application

On the web

website facebook instagram