First meeting

Appointment face to face, email or skype.

We discuss your desires and needs… • your professional identity • your target audience • the benefits you provide to your audience and what makes you different from the competition • your action plan • your ”WHY” • …

…usually you come with all this info

Name of your activity, your Brand

usually you come with a name but if you are not sure we can help.

The Mood board

It allows you to show the style you are looking for before a project begins. It serves as a tool to quickly inform of the “feeling” or atmosphere you want to have. It is a collage (paper, pdf, pinterest board,…) of images, textures, texts,… to create an atmosphere on a theme. It is often difficult to express ideas or to understand an atmosphere, that’s why this tool is very useful.

Some customers come with their mood board but it is not mandatory.


Do you know that colors have a meaning?

You should not choose the colors of your brand and your communication tools only according to your tastes. Rather than choosing colors you like or trendy hues, it is important to take the time to study their meaning carefully to make the right choices.

Our senses are important. Let’s play with them. In printed design, it goes as far as the type of paper you choose ;-)

A baseline

Part of the communication from the start and which personalizes the company. Unlike a slogan, a baseline usually don’t appear outside of the logo. These few words are meant to highlight either the nature of the activity or its philosophy, or can even be more informative.

A slogan

A slogan is created for an advertising campaign or an event to promote a product, a service, a concept or accompanies the communication of the activity, the brand durably. It’s a strong message that connects your business, your brand, and the target audience you want to reach. It can be durable or ephemeral. Its goal is to make a strong impression.

A mantra

3, 4 words max, which captures the essence of your activity. The concept of a business “mantra” comes from Guy Kawasaki. He explains it better than we could. You can watch the whole video if you’re looking for inspiration but at 2:26, he’s talking about the mantra ;-)

Logo research

2 to 3 proposals at the first step. 3 steps process.






final logo

The final logo comes with all the files stated in the bundle (jpg, png, pdf, ai, graphical charter, business card, …).


On each step, you have one month (maximum) to give us a clear and constructive feedback. It is important that we receive it written because we have several clients at the same time. We need to be able to refer to what you say throughout the whole job.

Moreover, for you, it’s a good exercise to put in words what you think. It will help you realize what you like and what you don’t in our proposals.

It is creative work, so every step delivery can take from a few days to a few weeks … Do not forget that the time you need for feedbacks will impact the final delivery date of the job.

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